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Fossil Rock Climbing Wall

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This Rock Climbing Wall has Prehistoric Fossils imprinted into it to give it the authentic feeling. Its 26' tall and can accommodate 4 climbers at a time with an hydraulic/air auto-belay on each side to lower the climber safely to the ground.

Our portable rock wall can hold climbers up to 250 lbs. The surface of the wall is molded off of real rock , providing you with the most realistic climbing experience available. The wall is sure to be a big attraction for your event and it can be set up all most anywhere (area must be flat and level).

Dimensions: The wall is 26' tall x 8'.6" wide needing only a 13' x 16' area to operate. Our wall comes fully staffed.

No electrical requirements.

Pricing: $895 For up to 4 Hours of Event Time. Each additional hour $200

Phone: 407-284-1635

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Climb-N-Challenge Rock Wall
Climb-N-Challenge Rock Wall


Rock Climbing Wall
Rock Climbing Wall
Rock Climbing Wall


Rock Climbing Wall