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Mega 27 ft 360' Aqua Slide

Mega 27ft 360' Aqua Slide

With its extreme height and 66' sliding lane, the Mega 27ft 360' Aqua Slide will take your breath away. Start off by climbing the vertical ladder to the top of this intimidating slide, take a seat and prepare for the ride of your life. As you scream down prepare for the 360' turn at super speed. What a rush! This slide will have your guests talking for days!
Dimensions: 27'H x 25'L x 15'W
Requires: water Access within 50'-100'
Requires Power: 2 - 110/15 amp
Includes Attendant for up to 4 hrs of event time/ $25 each additional hr

Phone: 407-284-1635

-A clear path must be prepared before delivery for our crew to access setup area according to rental unit dimensions.
-A setup area free of debris, sharp objects, trash, pet feces, toys, or any other obstructions that may damage the inflatable during operation.
-A setup area with no obstructions in any direction 1.5 times the height of the inflatable
-A electrical source with the power capability of 15amps dedicated circuit with GFCI within 100' of setup area (Generator is needed if this isn't accessible)
-An inflatable will not be setup in extreme weather conditions such as freezing temperatures, thunderstorms, or 25+ mph winds