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Farmland Playzone

Farmland Playzone

This interactive playzone has a Farm/Animal Theme. This is perfect for the little kids in your group.

Hey, y'all! C'mon down for a little fun on the farm. This classic pre-school western farm playland allows small children a fun and safe environment to play. Slide down the bridge, crawl through the haystack or barrel, play in the ball pond or with your favorite inflatable horse or dog in this inflatable as playzone. This is an ideal piece for the ages 5 and under group.

Dimensions: 18W x 15L x 9H

Requires Power: (1) 120 15 amp circuit.

Phone: 407-284-1635

Safety and Setup Area Information

-A clear path must be prepared before delivery for our crew to access setup area according to rental unit dimensions.
-A setup area free of debris, sharp objects, trash, pet feces, toys, or any other obstructions that may damage the inflatable during operation.
-A setup area with no obstructions in any direction 1.5 times the height of the inflatable
-A electrical source with the power capability of 10amps dedicated circuit with GFCI within 100' of setup area (Generator is needed if this isnt accessable)
-An inflatable will not be setup in extreme weather conditions such as freezing temperatures, thunderstorms, or 25+ mph winds