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LED Crazy Mirrors

LED Crazy Mirror/s - If you need to keep your guests entertained then look no further than our Crazy Mirrors. Good old fashioned Funny mirrors that can make your arms look like spaghetti and your feet the size of pumpkins! You'll be amazed at how well our Crazy Mirrors will capture and hold the attention of both children and adults alike. Kids especially will stand around your mirror for hours laughing and giggling at how funny they look. Your Crazy Mirror will also be a great way to teach kids and teenagers not to take life "too seriously". Life is so much better when you can learn to laugh at yourself a little.

Each Mirror has an LED light that can change to different colors.

Single Mirror Rental $150.00

Two Mirror Rental $275.00

Three Mirror Rental $400.00

Four Mirror Rental $525.00

Custom Branding available for $99 per mirror.

Dimensions: 7'HX3'WX13"D

Phone: 407-284-1635