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Santa Claus

Greg abides by his own "25 Rules of Santa". Every year he delights in the fact that he hears numerous parents whisper to one another "He's the best Santa I've ever seen."

It's not so much his appearance that gets the adults to say this, it's the fact that he takes "being Santa" very seriously and enjoys each and every visit from every child he sees. He takes interest in their needs no matter what the situation and listens intently. He wants them to believe they were talking to the "real guy" when they leave. He never promises anything that cannot be delivered and he takes time to answer any and all questions anyone has.

Do you know how he makes it around the world in one night? Santa does! Do you know how he gets into homes without chimneys? Greg does! You can't stump him with any question. Greg is 100% Santa when it comes to kids of any age!

And yes, his "Santa Throne" is also for rent.

Just as each event is unique... so are the costs associated with performing, travel, lodging, etc.. Please call us with a date and location for your event and we will promptly return a price quote.

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