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Synthetic Ice Skating Rink

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Let Xtreme Entertainment provide your next event with a portable ice skating rink We provide excellent service and on-time installation of synthetic / artificial ice skating rinks. This is always the star attraction for any event.

Ice Skating Rink Size: Can create a custom Size based on location
Includes all different ice skate sizes and two attendants.

Synthetic ice rinks also known as artificial ice rinks are an environmentally friendly alternative to real ice skating rinks. There is no need for refrigeration, and no electrical use to maintain the ice rink itself.


What is synthetic ice / artificial ice?

Simply it is an acrylic polymer that releases lubricants as you skate on the surface. It skates like real ice, all though a little slower than real ice, around a 85% glide factor compared to 100% at fresh resurface real ice. Real ice rinks will go down to a 85% glide factor within 30 minutes with a heavy skating session.

How long does it take to install?

Just hours! We can install the ice sheet and railings on most rinks within 1 day! Real ice can take up to 2 weeks to install the ice sheet.

How do you install synthetic / artificial ice skating rinks?

The panels are 4ft by 8ft in dimension, they are shaped much like puzzle pieces and put together with a rubber hammer as to not damage the surface. Once all the panels are in place we apply a layer of lubricant on the surface to assist with the glide.

What is the lubricant made of and does it stain clothing?

Its a glucose product that is non-toxic and is not harmful to the environment. No EPA regulations to worry about. It will not stain or damage clothing. However it is slightly oily to the touch, but remember you are putting a very light spray on the surface only enough to give you glide. Should you fall on the surface you may have more white plastic shavings on you than anything else.

Are there size Limitations?

No, we can do any size that is within the panels dimensions put together. This would be in segments of 4ft by 8 ft. You will also need to add 1 ft all the way around for the railing footers.

Do you use real ice skates or special ice skates?

We know how weird synthetic ice skating sounds, but yes you use real ice skates! Our installation technicians will show you once we are finished installing the ice sheet that you really can skate on it!

How difficult is to maintain the ice rink?

Not difficult at all! Very easy. You simply pressure wash the surface roughly once a week or when heavily soiled with dirt. Once you are done pressure washing you apply a layer of the glide enhancer to the surface and you are done.
What are the requirements to install the synthetic / artificial ice rink?
A Flat level surface to install the rink upon (within 1/2 tolerance).The surface the rink is installed on must be a firm surface, Concrete, tile, low pile carpet (like in a ballroom),asphalt, staging, or any other hard surface is ok.

Unlevel or grassy areas may need sand fill to level the area and a subfloor installed. You will also need to have a skate change area, the larger the rink the larger the skate change area will need to be. Also do not forget about your admissions and skate rental areas.

Phone: 407-284-1635

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