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Team Building Activities

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We pride ourselves in tailoring events to suit your needs and objectives. When a company of any size has a "Team Building" event the results in the workplace will be obvious by the improvement in productivity and moral of all of your employees as well as your own! Team Building is important in all environments; not only in work relationships but team building activities can improve relationships and productivity at church, school, with students and teachers family and more.
Xtreme Entertainment will advise on the team numbers we recommend fewer teams with more teammates. The reasoning behind this is that teams can pick participants best suited for the event from their group and scoring is less complex and we can move through events more quickly. After choosing a captain and co-captain for teams, players will pick a name for their team.

Names can be tailored to your particular theme or company. Each captain then prepares his team for the competition to come! Pep rallies are encouraged! Xtreme Entertainment will provide the captains with an itinerary of the events and their own scoring sheets ahead of time so they can prep with their team and also have a guide for the event.

The guide will be a small booklet of a step by step explanation of everything going on including rules and scoring for all of the competitions. There will also be a large score board set up for everyone next to the DJ/ emcee at the event showing the scores and times of each team for all activities.

Activity Choices
  • Scrabble Scramble
  • Veggie Races
  • Obstacle Challenge
  • Tacky Tourist
  • Pedestal Joust
  • Cowboy Shuffle
  • Toilet Tissue Run
  • Tug-a-WAR
  • Giant Tricycle Relay Course
  • Rock Climb Relay
  • Chariot Races
  • Tag Team Basketball
  • Hi Ball
  • Team Cheer
    And more,.

    Phone: 407-284-1635

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