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Trackless Train Gas Powered

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Want to make your child's birthday party special? All aboard the trackless train! A ride perfect for everyone from young kids to adults. Kids will love riding the trackless train as it chugs around taking them for a ride. Trackless train as the name says requires no tracks. It is a realistic version of a real train.

Since this train is "trackless", it can go just about everywhere! The train can ride on cement, asphalt, grass or pavement surfaces. An ideal location would be a parking lot or a residential street.

-Real train noises, bell, and music

-Capacity of 18 Kids or Adults in three cars.


$600 for the first 2 hours and $100 for each additional hour.

December Holiday Rates: $800 for first 2 hours and $100 for each additional hour.

Includes Train Operator

Delivery Fee may apply based on event location.

Phone: 407-284-1635

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Trackless Train Electric
Trackless Train Electric


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